Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From my sheltered position

It sickens and disheartens me as I set off at a safe distance to see the People (My fellow Citizens and countrymen) on their political stumps left (L) and right (R) (sheeple (L) and lemmings (R) in my own view) firing what seems to be and endless supply of ammunition at each other. From my position in the distance I can see who is delivering their (L and R) ammo, and accepting their payments, and contractual Dept Obligations as they endlessly keep slaughtering each other for no apparent reason other than a label they have chosen to accept for themselves.

From my position at a safe distance I stand screaming at the top of my lungs ‘hey stop this senseless slaughter’, but they don’t seem to hear over all the confusion and noise. I would approach them closer but fear I would get caught in between their next volley. I guess I am a fool and a coward for concerns for my own safety, and should have the fortitude to stand up and march straight in-between their ranks. Now and then one or the other (L R sometimes both) will hear me in the distance and turn to fire at me, but I am at a pretty safe distance, with plenty of cover. Naturally, I have grown accustom to their random shots, and as I see them turn I duck under cover.

The biggest problem I have is that this senseless slaughter between the L and R seems to be spreading and surrounding my position leaving me no safe shelter, and one day I may be forced to defend my position. I will be left with no other ‘reasonable alternative’ but to stand and defend my position or simply allow myself to be caught in their cross fire. I hate the thought of being forced to fire on my own countrymen in the defense of myself.

While both sides (L and R) are senselessly (in my opinion) slaughtering each other by the drove, bankrupting themselves, pledging their property (including labor), and youth (posterity) as security for contracted Debt Obligations to those manufacturing and delivering the ammo, and other much needed supplies I can see the coffers of their (third party)‘creditors swelling to the point bursting’.

From my distant position is seems as if I see this third party (TP), promoting, inflaming, and fanning the wild fires (issues and differences in opinion) burning between those that have adopted the L and R labels. It does not appear that either the L or the R has any notion, that the TP ‘intentionally’ started the fires, are providing the funding, manufacturing, and delivering the implements needed to continue this senseless slaughter, or that they (TP) are always adding more fuel and wildly fanning the fires between the L and the R.

Thesis v. anti-Thesis = Synthesis. Synthesis = ‘swollen coffers’, anti-Thesis = ‘starting, fueling and fanning fires between L & R’, Thesis = ‘create a division (LvR)’

An American national Ohio state Citizen, American Loyalist, Patriot, and humble servant of the American People.
Jimmy Freeman


heatheroren said...

Hey! I really like your thoughts about R and L. I dont fit in the box either and it is sensless chatter all the bashing back and forth. It just overwhelms me all together. How can we make a train do a "U" turn?

Jimmy Freeman said...

That’s simple. First you apply the brakes and come to a stop. Then you place the engine in reverse.