Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How do we fix Our Problem?

The first thing We the People need to do is ‘organize ourselves’ as private Citizens. We do this at a local level. Start a grass roots community group of concerned Citizens in your area and communicate with each other. You can do this by E-mails, Blogs such as this one which is free, meetings at a home or some other facility. Once this is accomplished communicate with other similar groups and organizations and share information and concerns.

For instance, my own private primary concerns are Taxation, and our “Civil right[s]”. Note the emphasis and capitalization used in the words “Civil right[s]”. Do you know that there is a difference between a “Civil right” and a “civil right”? Most Americans do not, and this lack of knowledge on our part is in fact capitalized on.

1. “Civil rights” are those, which have no relation to the establishment, support, or management of government. They consist of the power of acquiring and enjoying property, of exercising the parental and marital power, and the like. They are absolute rights of persons, the right of personal security, the right of personal liberty, and the right to acquire and enjoy property, as regulated and protected by law. They are the rights, which according to the fundamental principles of American government are inalienable. People v. Washington (1869) 36 C 658, 6622.

2. A “civil right” is a right given and protected by law, and a persons enjoyment thereof is regulated entirely by law that creates it. Nickell v Rosenfield (1927) 82 CA 369, 375, 255 P 760

As it stands today the “Civil right[s]” of many ‘private Citizens’ (Americans) have affectively been abridged by the Taxing policies of Cities, Counties, States, and our Federal government. This raises the question how has this been accomplished legally? The answer is simple. By the Rule of Law.

Once We elect officials to represent us and our concerns we need to communicate to them what it is we want them to do. ‘What is going on is that special interest groups have organized and do communicate with our elected officials.’ I assure you that in your own local community there are special interest groups that do communicate with your local officials (City, County, State, and Federal).

An example could be a local home owners association. In their community they may want new streets, water, sewer, refuse collection, or a new school in their area. So they ‘organize’, peaceably assemble, and share oral and written communications among the People that are part of the local home owners association.

As an organization they draft a ‘petition’. The petition states a cause (grievance) such as poor roads, inadequate water, sewer, refuse collection, ETC. It will name the home owners association, its members, and officers, have a date, and signatures. Someone from within the association will deliver it to your City Counsel, County Commissioners, State, or Federal representatives. This document which the home owners association has created is a legal instrument which your local officials are bound by law (Rule of Law) to consider.

Your local officials set their meeting and place the issue on its docket. The meeting is held and minutes are taken. During the meeting a few members of the ‘organized home owners association’ will be present and be allowed to express their concerns verbally during the meeting. If there is not a group of People present that stand opposed to the home owners association’s (special interest group) petition for whatever reason such as a need to levy Taxes to accomplish the home owners association’s request ‘the rule of law’ requires your officials to respond to the petition presented to them by the ‘special interest group’ (home owners association) and do what it takes to meet their (home owners) demands.

In many instances this means ‘higher taxes’ for everyone in the City, County, State or Nation. The home owners have merely exercised their rights secured by our Laws ‘organized’ and moved their elected officials to act to their own interest. This is an example of how the ‘rule of law’ works. While the majority of People in the community paid little attention to the actions of the ‘organized’ home owners association, the ‘special interest group’ has affectively used the rule of law to increase the Tax rates of everyone in the community to serve their interests which is not a crime, on their part or your officials.

The ‘organization’ has affectively used the Rule of Law to abridge the “Civil right[s]” (increased Taxes) of everyone in the community that did not take part in the governance of their community.

Now whose fault is that? Is it the ‘organized special interest groups fault? Is it the fault of your elected servants? Or is it the fault of the majority that did not participate in their own governance? In my own opinion it is like Justice William O. Douglas suggested in 1968 (See previous post this Blog Our Problem). It is a lack of organization on the part of the People themselves.

IN CONCLUSTION: We the People need to ‘organize’ to solve Our Problem!!!!!


heatheroren said...

That is exactly what we are working on.(organize ourselves)
I am ready to throw out my party name and register under a new one. My party no longer represents me anyway.

Jimmy said...

Keep up the good work!

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